* Based on the Working!! 4-koma seinen manga by Takatsu Karino, serialised in Young Gangan.Souta`s part-time work at the Wagnaria family restaurant in Hokkaido continues and so do the daily happenings at this friendly restaurant:Souta, preferring all things small and thus cute, has started to develop a liking for the androphobe Mahiru, but he just cannot admit it to himself. Much to the amusement of Hiroomi and Kirio. Kirio finally stumbles into his lost sister Aoi, who has been living up in the restaurant`s attic. Found out, Aoi, still prefers Hiroomi as her "older brother" and refuses to return home, but reveals why she ran away in the first place. General manager Hyougo has been looking for his wife Haruna for a long time now, since she tends to lose her orientation quite easily. Aoi finds her in a nearby park. To not lose her again, Otoo now brings Haruna to work with him. Jun has had a crush on Yachiyo for the past four years, and only now finds out that her birthday is tomorrow. He finally has the courage to give her the presents he has bought over the past years.— written by foo2

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