[Sci-Fi] Tsuritama (Dub) (TV) The Best Manga

[Sci-Fi] Tsuritama (Dub) (TV) The Best Manga

Set on the island of Enoshima, Shounan; a town where old and new goes hand in hand.A high school boy, who never had any friends due to his abnormally bad communication skills: Yuki.A self-proclaimed alien, who tries to make Yuki go fishing with him: Haru.A born and raised Enoshima boy, who is easily irritated: Natsuki.A mysterious Indian, who keeps watching them from a reasonable distance: Akira.These four seem to be wasting their youth, but continue to meet and go fishing on this little island where great things are about to happen… and so begins the unlikely SF (shounen fishing) adventure!Note: The first episode received an early screening together with the first episode of Sakamichi no Apollon at a special event held at Noitamina Shop & Cafe Theatre on 07.04.2012. 110 lucky participants were chosen through a lottery to take part in. Regular TV broadcast was held on 13.04.2012.

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